Nikki Reed


  1. Evan Rachel Wood, Thirteen, 2002.   Seen for Tracy, Nikki became Tracy’s mate, Evie, instead…  Ironic as Tracy was based on Nikk’s  own life (explains why Nikki’s tongue-stud was real while Wood ‘s was made like a  mini suction cap).
  2. Missy Peregryn, Reaper, TV, 2007.     Thirteen’s Reed (the film was based on her own teenage diaries) was in the pilot… Well, no, she shot the pilot – was then expunged and replaced by Peregryn re-shooting all her scenes and staying aboard the (mercifully) short series. Whle Nikki joined forces again with her Thirteen director and co-writer Catherine Hardwicke to become Rosalide Hale in Twilight, 2008, and the franchise it bred.
  3. Anne Hathaway, Bride Wars, 2008. A teen comedy for Reed and Emma Roberts was churned into young adults’ fare with Hudson and Anne Hathaway. “Good actors and quick-witted women,” noted Chicago critic Roger Ebert, “here playing characters at a level of intelligence approximating HAL 9000 after he has had his chips pulled. No one can be this superficial and survive without professional care.”  
  4. Alicia Vikander, Tomb Raider, 2017.    Lara Croft is the girls’ James Bond.  Many tried to succeed Angelina Jolie  from her 2000 version – she won it from  20 candidates. Two dozen lost to the Swedish Vikander, on a roll with her 2016 Danish Girl Oscar and Ex Machinarobot…The Franchise Brigade was represented by two from the Percy Jackson flicks (Alexandra Daddario, Rosario Dawson), two Terminators (Emilia Clarke, Summer Glau), two Underworlders (Kate Beckinsale, Rhona Mitra) and three Twilighters (Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed and Kristen Stewart who simply refused). Plus 007’s Gemma Arterton, Harry Potter’s Emma Watson, Marvel’s Wanda Maximioff (Elizabeth Olsen), Star Wars’Daisy Ridley, Transformers’ Megan Fox, TRON’s Olivia Wilde, X Men’s Jennifer Lawrence,  Other also-rans were: Jessica Biel (as perfect as Dawson), Emily Blunt, Emily Browning, Cara Delevingne (Vikander’s co-star in Tulip Fever,2017), Nina Dobrev, Anne Hathaway, Sienna Miller (too mild, surely), Saoirse Ronan and Moon’s Kaya Scodelario. 




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