Noël Roquevert

  1. Louis de Funès,  L’Impossible Monsieur Pipelet, France, 1955.     All change for André Hunebelle’s film. de Funès replaced “Nono” when he  subbed for a busy Saturine Fabre as The Colonel, Gaby Morlay succeeded Jane Marken as  Germaine and Etchika Choureau (soon to be nicknamed The Sneeze by Hollywood flacks) took over as Michel Simon’s daughter from…  Brigitte Bardot!
  2. Frédric Duvallès, Ni vu, ni connu, France, 1957.     Producer Jules Borkon dropped the star character player in favour of the less known and, therefore, less expensive Duvallès.  Pathè changed the title from L’Affaire Blaireau  because that might make the public  think of l’affaire Dreyfus.  Oh c’mo ! That French racist scandal  dated back to… 1894!!! 

 Birth year: 1892Death year: 1973Other name: Casting Calls:  2