Nyree Dawn Porter

  1. Honor Blackman, The Avengers, TV, 1962-64.    The New Zealander became world famous as Irene in the BBC’s Forstye Saga, 1967. She had guested in the first, all male Avengers, 1961, but refused Cathy Gale and yet (inexplicably) became Contessa Caroline di Contini (obviously based on the next Avengers heroine Diana Rigg’s 007 persona, Contessa Teresa di Vicenzo) in the dreadful copy-cat series, The Protectors. 1972-73. (also scripted  by Brian Clemens). Even more famously, NYP was once, allegedly, referred to by Peter O’Toole as: “Nyree Dawn Porter  – three of the worst actresses I’ve ever worked with.”


 Birth year: 1936Death year: 2001Other name: Casting Calls:  1