O.E Hasse

  1. Gregory Ratoff, Once More With Feeling, 1959.        The Prussian-born stage and screen star was up for Maxwell Archer in, alas, Kay Kendall’s final film before her death later that same hyear. Ratoff was Russia’s Hollywood director and ham actor, best known for being the first – the only – buyer of the first James Bond book, Casino Royale. Hasse was the German dubbed voice of Humphrey Bogart, Clark Gable, Paul Muni and Spencer Tracy!
  2. Joseph  Fürst, 55 Days at Peking,  1962.  Change of Captain Hanselman in the fifth epic from producer  Samuel Bronston. He never forgot this one.  Because this one ruined his company.


 Birth year: 1903Death year: 1978 ; Casting Calls:  2