Oliver Platt


  1. Eric Roberts, Doctor Who (The Movie), TV, 1996.   
  2. Dylan McDonnell, The Practice, TV,  1997-2004.    The suits disagreed with creator David E Kelley’s choice for the Boston defence lawyer, Bobby Donnell. Through the British side of his family, the Canadian Platt was actually a second-cousin, once-removed, of Princess Diana and, therefore, a third cousin of her son, the future UK king, Prince William.

  3. Anthony Hopkins, Hitchcock, 2012.    Hitchcock’s back in business!   With two films headlined by UK actors (Anthony Hopkins, Toby Jones) in bad impressions and fat suits. This is the second one: Hopkins directing Psycho. And telling Janet Leigh: “You can call me Hitch. Hold the cock.”   Hitch didn’t look (or sound) like Hitch and  idem for those playing Janet Leigh and Vera Miles, however young James D’Arcy was an uncanny Anthony Perkins.  Apart from Johnny Depp, the casting only seemed interested in avoirdupois over plausibility…  Paul Giamatti, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Bill Murray, Oliver Platt – and, stupidly, only two other Brits, Richard Griffiths and Alfred Molina…  but not the perfect Timothy Spall – already up for Hitch in TV’s terrible The Girl, about making Tippi Hedren,  The Birds and Marnie.

    Footnote>>> When Platt and Stanley Tucci’s comedy, The Imposters, turned  up at the1998 Cannes festival, I achieved a lifetime’s ambition at their Press conference by standing up, announcing myself and declaring: “I have a question for… Stan and Ollie!

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