Paris Hilton

  1. Jaime Pressly, Torque, 2003.    Hilton auditioned for China. But so did Pressly from the Jack & Jill series, 1999-2001.  Compared to one of Jack Nicholson’s AIP  grungy-biker movies retooled for the MTV generation, Ice Cube’s film was  hit hard by the San Francisco Chronicle: “It’s only January, but already we have a strong candidate for the most thunderingly stupid movie of the year.’ Hilton’s  best known “film” was a home-made sex-tape. 
  2. Jordan Ladd, Waiting, 2005.    One grand-daughter for another. Alan Ladd’s for that of Hilton hotel czar Barron Hilton. With 56 screen roles by 2019, Jordan was well on her way to catching up to her mother’s 2020 total of 85 credits. 
  3. Kristen Bell, Scream 4, 2010. Scenarist Kevin Williamson created Chloe and Rachel for Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. (Er, why?) 


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