Patricia Hitchcock

  1. Peggy Ann Garner, Junior Miss, 1944.        Mary Pickford, no less, paid $350,000 in 1942 for the rights to the play based on Sally Benson’s New Yorker tales – for Shirley Temple Somewhere along the as Warner Bros and finally Fox moved in. Alfred Hitchcock’s daughter was tested for the support role of Fluffy Adams. Pat was no actress – no matter her 22 roles, eight for her father – studio suits being eager to, maybe, get their mitts on the next Hitch project.    Pat had 18 screen roles, including three of her father’s films – Stage Fright, 1949; Strangers on a Train, 1950; Psycho, 1960 – and ten episodes of his TV series, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, during 1955-1960.

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