Patricia Quinn

  1. Anjanette Comer, The Appaloosa (UK: Southwest To Sonora),1966.     When Canadian director Sidney J Furie suggested Marlon Brando’s new Irish-Colombian lover be his co-starin the Western, Brando said, and so firmly that he almostconvinced himself: “I won’t work with anyone I’m emotionally involved with.”Patricia (seduced away from Richard Bradford during The Chase), kicked him in the shins and split to her folks in Panama, returning fast enough to the Mulholland Drive house she once shared him and two other women .Quinn, aka Alice in Alice’s Restaurant, 1969, remained friends with Brando; they tried to write Jericho together in the late 80s.
  2. -Julie Christie, McCabe and Mrs Miller, 1971.     Elliott Gould is talking: “The Old Man sent me the novel, which Fox had bought for George C Scott, but Bob wanted to do it with me and Pat Quinn. One of my problems was I thought we should choose the leading lady together.”  The Old  Man was,of course,  Robert Altman. 




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