Paul McGann

  1. Jason Connery, Robin of Sherwood, 1985.    Connery Jr beat out McGann and Neil Morrissey for the final 13 episodes when Michael Praed quit playing playing the hero.  McGann did, though, get to play another British cult figure – he was the eighth Doctor Who in the 1996 film. 
  2. Gary  Kemp,  The  Krays,  1990.     The Kemp singer-actor twins proved better at playing notorious London gangster brothers than Paul and Joe of the McGann clan.
  3. Sean Bean, Sharpe’s Rifles, TV, 1993-2008.    Breaking a leg playing football prevented Paul being  adventurer Major Richard Sharpe.  Bean took over  for the 16 films in  the series. Impressed by Bean’s work, author Bernard Cornwell dedicated one of the novels, Sharpe’s Battle,  to him. By 1996, Bean had been short-listed for  007  and McGann was the eighth Doctor Who. 
  4. Pierce Brosnan, GoldenEye, 1994.
  5. Daniel Craig, Casino Royale, 2005.

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