Paul Picerni

  1. Lamont Johnson, Retreat, Hell, 1951.       He was playing Captain Grady, as his leathernecks stormed Inchon in Korea when the Warner suits decided he would be better made use of supporting Errol Flynn in Mara Maru. Rather like a Hollywood version of his CO’s line: “Retreat, hell! We’re not retreating, we’re just advancing in a different direction.”  After 35 screen roles in 31 years, Johnson became a director for the rest of his career – 1955-2000. 
  2. Nicholas Georgiade,  It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World, 1962.    Producer-director Stanley Kramer’s movie was stuffed full with stars – mainly comics. Not all agreed to join  the party, being terrified at the prospect of working with the great Spencer Tracy.    Fearless Picerni readily agreed to play a detective but couldn’t make the dates. He reccommended Georgiade, from their Untouchables series.

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