Paul Ville

1. – Michel Simon, Le Viele Homme et l’Enfant (US: The Two Of Us), France, 1967. How to replace the legendary Simon as the shambling anti-Semitic. He was quibbling about the WWII script’s final line – “The Jews will be back.” Claude Berri, an actor who won an Oscar for his first short, Le poulet, 1965, thought about another (if less illustrious) old-timer. (Born Marie Jean Baptiste Adolphe Paul Lacan, Villé played 61 screen roles during his 63 year career). Simon came back after adding another line: “They can’t be worse than the others.” Berri, the real infant in his story, went on to direct 24 of his 66 productions.

 Birth year: 1881Death year: 1977Other name: Casting Calls:  1