Peggy Lee

  1. Ann Blyth, The Helen Morgan Story, 1956      For six months, Warner Bros scanned some 32 possible Morgans, including Dani Crayne, Susan Hayward, Jennifer Jones plus singers Lee, Doris Day, Judy Garland, Helene Grayco, Jaye P. Morgan, Patti Page, Keely Smith. And even fashion model Nancy Berg.   Morgan’s friends and fans were aghast when director Michael Curtis chose Blyth, with Cogi Grant dubbing the songs, as neither looked or sounded like Morgan. Curtiz said Blyth was the best actress for the rôle and Grant’s voice was better than Morgan’s “kind of high-pitched, low-voiced torch singing… it’s outmoded.” So, tell another story! Berg’s life, for example, was way heavier.
  2. Angie Dickinson, Point Blank, 1967.  An absolutely perfect movie… “I’ve stolen from it so many times,” says one fan.  Steven Soderbergh. Lee Marvin gave the script (based on Hunter by Donald E Westlake as Richard Stark) to John Boorman in London. They made an ace team. Marvin won total creative control  from MGM and handed it  to John!  Their sole disagreement, and that did not last, was when Marvin fancied the chanteuse as Chris (Peggy had been terrific in Pete Kelly’s Blues, 1954), but he agreed to Angie (they’d made The Killers,1963). Metro production chief Robert Weitman had wanted Lee Remick.  Or Stella Stevens… compensated (barely) with Sol Madrid.  Boorman often told  how Angie was asked if she dressed for men or women. “I dress for women,” she said. “I undress for men.”

 Birth year: 1920Death year: 2002Other name: Usual occupation: SingerCasting Calls:  2