Percy Kilbride

  1. Frank Craven, Dangerous Blondes, 1941.     Change of Inspector Clinton in the comedic whodunnit. Instead of murders, Kilbride (the future Pa Kettle) should have investigated the theft of the fun by amateur sleuths Allyn Joslyn and a terffic Evelyn Keyes.
  2. HB Warner, It’s a Wonderful Life,  1946. 
  3. David Wayne, My Blue Heaven,1949.   In a memo to producer Sol C Siegel about the third Dan Dailey-Betty Grables musical, Head Fox Darryl F Zanuck suggested Kilbride (aka Pa Kettle) and Anne Revere as The Pringles. Siegel read it, binned it and booked Wayne and Jane Wyatt. 



 Birth year: 1888Death year: 1964Other name: Casting Calls:  3