Peter Bowles

  1. Anthony Valentine, Callan, TV, 1967-1972. The suave Bowles was the suave  agent Toby Meres in A Magnum for Schneider, in the  Armchair Theatre series, 1967 (in essence, the Callan pilot)  but  unavailable for the series. Jeremy Lloyd was a ridiculous choice to replace him, before Valentine made him his own just  as Edward Woodward did with David Callan.   Bowlesd had  studied at RADA with Alan Bates,, Richard Briers,  Frank Finlay, Ronald Fraser. Julian Glover, Roy Kinnear,  Peter O’Toole,  James Villiers, etc.
  2. Paul  Eddington, The Good Life, TV, 1975-1978.   Missed another  iconic  role (in a sitcom this time) due to another job.  Bowles later learned  that he could have managed both jobs.   He  co-starred with his intended wife, Penelope Keith, in the lacklustre To The Manor Born, 1979-82, while Eddington became a BBC treasure in  Yes, Minister, 1980-1984,  and Yes, Prime Minister, 1986-1988.


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