Peter Facinelli

  1. Tom Welling, The Fog, 2004.    Before  TV’s young Superman became the fishing-boat skipper hero, the producers (one, Debra Hill dying before the film did) also saw:  David Boreanaz, Michael Cassidy, Henry Cavill, Matthew Fox,  Adam Garcia, Oliver Hudson, Ben McKenzie, Jesse Metcalfe. Lose some, win  some… Facinelli later joined Damages, plus Six Feet Under and Nurse Jackie.
  2. Adam Baldwin,The Inside, TV, 2005.    Two of Rachel Nichols’ FBI partners in the pilot were replaced for the series: Facinelli and Willa Holland. So was the series after just 14 episodes.
  3. Colin Egglesfield, Something Borrowed, 2010.     Nurse Jackie’s TV co-star tested for Dex – Kate Hudson’s fiancee who winds up in bed with her best friend, a terminally single Ginnifer Goodwin, in the lame version of Emily Griffin’s 2005 chick literature… produced by Hilary Swank


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