Peter Hermann

  1. Jon Hamm, Mad Men, TV,2007-2015.    Christina Wayne (one of the final tally of  39 producers!) said creator Mathew Weiner  sent two actors to the AMC suits: Hamm and Hermann (Mariska Hargitay’s husband). “The quality of the that we were using sucked, and you couldn’t see how good-looking Jon Hamm was. We were like: Really, this is who you think? And Matt said: Absolutely. He’d been in the room, and he felt something with Jon. We had him come in again. We had to be sold, so we flew Jon to New York and took him for a drink at the Gansevoort Hotel. He was nervous, but I knew that he had star potential. I whispered in his ear before he left: You got the job.”  Later on, when  discovering some guy she knew had named his dog, Don Draper, Wayne declared:  “I think we’ve arrived.”   

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