Peter McEnery

  1. Terence Stamp, Billy Budd, 1962.    Stamp did his test – only his  second  for movies  – in his father’s  old  merchant marine sweater.  Seemed to work.  As  he  was leaving Elstree studios, McEnery asked if he could borrow it for his test. Stamp refused.  “I wasn’t feeling exactly noblesse oblige.”
  2. Jacques Sernas, 55 Days at Peking, 1962.   Change of Major Brobinski in the fifth and final Samuel Bronston epic… as this one ruined his company.

  3. Daniel Massey, The Cat and Canary, 1977.     Massey took over when McEnery switched to another role following  the departure of Horst Buchholz. The producers nearly sued him! Their director, Radley Metzger was also New York’s most  famous hardcore porn  director, Henry Paris.

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