Peter Renaday

  1. Bob Hoskins, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, 1988.        Chevy Chase was too nervy, Harrison Ford too pricey, Eddie Murphy regretted passing… and no one could contact Bill Murray!    Surprisingly, the murder mystery where the chief suspect is a cartoon character was based on the never made Cloverleaf, Robert Towne’s third Jake Gittes script (for Chinatown, read Toontown). So who should be Gittes, er, shamus Eddie Valiant? Well, why not Gittes, himself – Jack Nicholson? No, OK, Charles Grodin, Ed Harris, Aussie comic Don Lane, Eddie Murphy, Joe Pantoliano, Robert Redford, Wallace Shawn, Sylvester Stallone? Director Robert Zemeckis auditioned Renaday – known for voicing everything from Disneyland rides to some 146 roles mainly in toon series and video games: Batman, Ghost Busters, Star Wars, Superman, Transformers, etc. It was a full monty audition, complete with an animated Jessica Rabbit and Renaday resembling the book’s Valiant, slim and bearded Then, producer Steven Spielberg saw Mona Lisa

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