Philip Dorn

  1. Paul   Henreid, Casablanca,  1941.
  2. Peter Lorre, The Cross of Lorraine (aka A Thousand Shall Fall), 1942.    Dorn was in – then out – as, the Nazi sergeant, Berger, in the WWII thriller.
  3. Jean-Pierre Aumont,  The Cross of Lorraine, 1943.    Most of the French soldiers in a WWII Nazi military prison were played by Americans – including Gene Kelly! So director Tay Garnett felt their leader should be the genuine article and not, for example, the Dutch Dorn. Charles De Gaulle praised the decision, Aumont and the film. 
  4. Walter Abel, An American Romance, 1943.      After losing Joseph Cotten from the finale of his “war, wheat, and steel” trilogy (after The Big Parade and Our Daily Bread), director King Vidor tested Dorn, John Craven, John Hodiak before choosing Abel. It was an ultra-US story. Earlier titles had been America, American Miracle, The Magic Land, This Is America, An American Story.


 Birth year: 1901Death year: 1975Other name: Casting Calls:  4