Priscilla Presley

  1. Jaclyn Smith, Charlie’s Angels, TV, 1976-1981. The ex-Mrs E was among the angelic hopefuls up for Kelly. Jaclyn was the sole Angel to last the entire 110 episodes. Instead, Priscilla became the third Jenna Wade on Dallas for a longer, 143 episode stint, 1983-1988.
  2. Melody Anderson, Flash Gordon, 1980.    Considered after Dayle Haddon was sacked. Priscilla won her own success in Dallas, TV, 1983-88 and The Naked Gun movie farces with Leslie Nielsen as  Hollywood’s answer to   Inspector Clouseau, 1988-1994.
  3. Sean Young, No Way Out, 1986.   Michelle Pfeiffer said no and Aussie director Roger Donaldson said no to Priscilla’s pleas. And so it was Sean Young  indulging in  some erotic hanky-panky  with Kevin Costner in the back of a Washington limo during the excellent thriller.  Labyrinthine and ingenious, said Roger Ebert.

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