Radha Mitchell


  1. Anamaria Marinca, The Countess, France-Germany, 2009.     First set as Anna Darvulia in the French actress-auteur Julie Delpy’s film (and role) about Elizabeth Bathory –  the 26th look at the 17th Century countess and most infamous serial killer who felt she would gain eternal youth and beauty  by bathing in the blood of virgins. Totalling 650 at last count. 
  2. Piper Perabo, Angel Has Fallen, 2018.   Well, certainly, Leah Banning had fallen…  leading to a new actress playing  the wife of Gerard Butler’s US Secret Service man Mike Benning – curently framed for an attempted assassination of (also new) POTUS, Morgan Freeman.  Mitchell had been Leah in the franchise’s first two chapters:  the Die Hard-ish Olympus Has Fallen, 2012, and London Has Fallen, 2014.  Angel  has been called  the darkest Fallen chapter – or the dopiest.

 Birth year: Death year: Other name: Casting Calls:  2