Ray Corrigan

  1. Duncan Renaldo, The Kansas Terrors, 1939.   The Three Mesquiteers’ leader, Robert Livingston,  was off, being groomed as A material. Didn’t work.  Or, not as well as for his replacement, John Wayne, who suddenly made Stagecoach.  So, Bob returned to his old role of Stony Brooke while Corrigan, always pissed that his Tucson Smith was never the lead in the serials as was in the pulp novels,  finally went thataway… “Corrigan wanted to be a Western star,” said Bob.  “I didn’t care…” (Talking of stars,  in the  fifth serial, Hit The Saddle, 1937, both guys were rivals for a young beauty played by Rita Cansino, the future  Rita Hayworth). And so… enter (but as Rico, not Tucson): Renaldo, the future Cisco Kid for 156 TV episodes, 1950-1955.  Or 157, counting the movie-cum-pilot actually titled: The Gay Amigo, 1949.   While Ray switched to 20 of the 24 Range Busters tales, 1940-1943, giving him a new credit: “Crash” Corrigan.

 Birth year: 1902Death year: 1976Other name: Casting Calls:  1