Ray Stevenson

  1. Tim Roth, The Incredible Hulk, 2007.  The Northern Irish Stevenson was  an early idea for Emil Blonsky (no longer referred to as Abomination) in what producer Gale Anne Hurd called a requel – a rebootish sequel. Stevenson later  became Volstagg in the Thor franchise.   By 2007, he was Marvel’s Punisher, with the sub-title of War Zone –  name of Roth’s directing debut in 1998.  Tim Roth signed on to please his comicbook sons – forever asking if whatever  he was up to would be a cool shot.  Hey, all Roth shots are cool.
  2. Alexander Skarsgård, Mute, 2017.  UK auteur Duncan Jones’s hero – a mute Amish bartender searching for his missing  girlfriend in 2058 –   changed to match his setting during 19 years of development.  From Stevenson in London to Ken Watanabein Tokyo; finally, Skarsgård in Berlin. “A big guy was essential [for] the intimidation factor.” That’s why he turned down Sam Rockwell – and made up for it by writing Moonfor him. And shooting it first.

 Birth year: 1964Death year: 2023Other name: Casting Calls:  2