Red Skelton


  1. Jules Munshin,  Easter Parade, 1947.   The first ideas  for the Irving Berlin musical were Skelton, Kathryn Grayson, Frank Sinatra. Munshin made his movie debut as the comic waiter.  Next, he was amomng  the three sailors On The Town – the other two were those who went missing from this Judy Garland musical: Sinatra and Gene Kelly. 
  2. Dean Miller, Everything I Have Is Yours, 1951. A good one to miss – proving just why Marge and Gower Champion, were support players and not stars.  MGM tried to prove the opposite here. Didn’t work.
  3. Keenan Wynn, Kiss Me Kate, 1952.    For awhile there was talk of Skelton becoming one  of the two comic-cuts gangsters… in  the musical inspired by the rows between the venerated Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontaine during their 1935 Taming of the Shrew in New York. 
  4. Burgess Meredith,The Day of the Locust, 1974.   UK director John Schlesinger tried hard to persuade the old comic to make a movie comeback as Karen Black’s dying father: a vaudeville clown reduced to being adoor-to-door salesman in the 30s  Hollywood of Nathanael West’s classic novel.
  5. Walter Matthau, The Sunshine Boys, 1975.


 Birth year: 1910Death year: 1997Other name: Casting Calls:  5