Rene Russo

  1. Debra Winger, Urban Cowboy, 1980. “It was between me and Debra.” She finally got Travolta, 15 years on, in Get Shorty.
  2. Susan Sarandon, Thelma & Louise,  1990.
  3. Sharon Stone, Casino,1994. The role? Robert De Niro’s ex-show-cum-call-girl wife in Martin Scorsese takedown of the Mafia running the biz called Las Vegas.  Michelle Pfeiffer felt it was too close to her 1982 Scarface. (It was also close to Goodfellasbut that didn’t hinder the De Niro-Joe Pesci-Scorsese trinity). Ex-porn queen Traci Lords nearly won after an impressive test.  Likewise, Madonna. Amber Smith also tested and De Niro got her into  Faithfuland  Abel Ferrar’s The Funeral. Also seen: Cameron Diaz, Melanie Griffith, Nicole Kidman, Rene Russo and Uma Thurman.  “I want to be good enough to work with Robert De Niro,” Sharon Stone had told her drama coach. This time she was. Never again.
  4. Nicole Kidman, Batman Forever, 1994.
  5. Jenna Elfman, Looney Tunes: Back in Action, 2002.     “A pretty grim experience all around –  longest year and a half of my life.”  Director Joe Dante refusing to say anymore about how his planned tribute to his late friend, toon ikon Chuck Jones, ended up a mess. Then again, when the suits approve Elfman over  Russo, Jennifer Aniston, Shannon Elizabeth, Sally Field and Renée Zellweger as Kate, know you’re in trouble.

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