Richard Denning

  1. Walter Abel, Holiday Inn, 1941. According to the Paramount Collection at the AMPAS Library, Denning, Janet Blair, MacDonald Carey (listed as Donald Carey) and René DeMarco and Denning were tested for the roles that went to Abel, Marjorie Reynolds, Bing Crosby and Marek Windheim.  
  2. Robert Preston, Wake Island, 1943.   Richards Arlen and Denning and B-cowboy star Buck Jones suddenly became Brian Donlevy, Robert Preston and Macdonald Carey in director John Farrow’s brutally unvarnished rendition of US Marines gallantly losing their Pacific isle garrison in the two weeks after Pearl Harbour in December 1941. 
  3. Desi Arnaz, I Love Lucy, TV, 1951-1957.     Or, My Favourite Husband, when it was on radio during 1948-1951. When CBS talked with Lucille Ball about a TVersion, she insisted that her real husband, Desi Arnaz – half of their company, Desilu – should play himself. Bye-bye Denning, aka George Cooper on the radio sitcom.

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