Richard Jaeckel

  1. Kevin McCarthy, An Annapolis Story, 1954.    WWII is over, but Korea is hotting up up as Allied Artist issued what one web reviewer called “a “patriotic soap” about two brothers competing for everything – Diana Lynn, included – at the at US Naval Academy.
  2. Ricky Nelson, Rio Bravo, 1958.
  3. Ernest Borgnine, The Wild Bunch, 1968. 
  4. Bruce Dern, Small Soldiers, 1988.     Fans thought it wild that director Joe Dante invited The Dirty Dozen to voice the very GI Joe Commando Elite force – Brick Bazooka, Chip Hazard, Butch Meathook, etc. Borgnine, Jim Brown, Clint Walker (his final role), George Kennedy and Dick Miller agreed. Charles Bronson refused and Jackel died before the recording sessions began.


 Birth year: 1926Death year: 1997Other name: Casting Calls:  3