Richard Mulligan

  1. Donald Moffat, The Thing, 1981.    The British Moffat, Mulligan, Powers Booth, Kevin Conway, Jerry Orbach and Lee Van Cleef all read for Garry in John Carpenter’s unwanted re-hash of the (so-so) 1950 original.
  2. David Clennon, The Thing, 1981.    Trouble with  Mulligan, of course,  was that he was  far too well known as Burt in Soap, 1977-1981.
  3. Earl Boen,  Star Trek The Next Generation #28: Where Silence Has Lease, TV, 1988.   (Stardate  42193.6). Co-Executive producer Maurice Hurley voted the Soap star (1977-1981) for the antagonist  named after him… Nagiluma reversed Mulligan in reverse, minus one L.  Mulligan’s solitaryTrekexperience was voicing Xenti in the 1993 video game, Star Trek: Judgment Rites

 Birth year: 1932Death year: 2000Other name: Casting Calls:  3