Rob Morrow

  1. Val Kilmer, The Island Of Dr Moreau, 1995.      Everyone wanted to work with Marlon Brando. At the start… Morrow had swopped roles with Kilmer and then quit when the director Richard Stanley was sacked after a few days. (Numbers differ). Kilmer and Bruce Willis found themselves in divorce battles. Brando’s daughter, Cheynne, had committed suicide. And without new helmer John Frankenheimer knowing, Stanley had joined the extras…  
  2. David Thewlis, The Island Of Dr Moreau, 1995.    Thewlis (and not Gary Oldman, James Spader, Bruce Willis or James Woods) replaced Morrow who quit just before the re-hash became a disaster movie… Brando welcomed Thewlis by saying: “Go home, David. This is not a good film to work on. It is cursed.” Thewlis could say much more about the making of the farce – but feared such honesty would kill his career.
  3. Hugh Laurie, House MD,TV, 2004-2012.     Ignorance is bliss… The pilot’s director Bryan Singer thought Laurie was American and Laurie(testing on a tape made in his Namiba hotel bathroom while rebooting The Flight of the Phoenix) figured the anti-social  Dr House was a support role.Whatever Morrow, David Cross, Patrick Dempsey or Denis Leary thought didn’t swing the gig! “What usually happens is you do a pilot,” said Laurie, “and of the very few picked up, only about a quarter go to a second year. So I thought:three fun weeks!” 

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