Robert Adler

  1. Brian Aherne, Juarez, 1938.   Three  years before director William Dieterlie  started shooting, Adler had been contacted to play  the  target of the Juraez revolution – Mexican Emperor Maximilian von Hapsburg.  He then became Aherne almost obliterated on-screen by the power of the titular Paul Muni. The film had been delayed by John Huston (among others) cutting the way too long (enough for two movies!) script by Aeneas MacKenzie.  Tests of Muni covered in face-changing  make-up  had head Bro’ Jack Warner yelling:  “You mean we’re paying Muni all this dough and we can’t even recognise him.”  No but you always knew who he was playing… Scarface, Dr Socrates, The Story of Louis Pasteur, The Life of Emile Zola, etc

  2. Robert Stephenson, David and Bathsheba, 1950.   Change of Executioner when Adler was promoted to Chief Ryan in in The Frogmen – one of his 114 screen roles during  1944-1971, with  everyone from Marilyn Monroe to  Paul Newman, by way of driving stagecoaches in nearly all the  TV horse-operas: The Big Valley, Bonanza,  Daniel Boone, Gunsmoke,  Have Gun – Will Travel.

 Birth year: 1906Death year: 1987Other name: Casting Calls:  2