Robert Bathurst

  1. Robert East, The Black Adder: Born To Be King, 1982.       Hearts and minds were changed after the never seen pilot of the Rowan Atkinson historical/hysterical satire. Actors, too. East took over Bathurst’s TV debut rlef  Prince Harry, Brian Blessed boomed louder than John Savident (and everyone else!) as The King and Philip Fox’s Baldrick became, but of course, the supreme Tony Robinson and his cunning plans. Better still, Ben Elton would join the writers. Another BBComedy classic is born.
  2. Chris Barrie, Red Dwarf, TV, 1988-2012.       The Ghana-born pukker Englishman tested for the hologramatic Arnold Rimmer. And found his fame another day as Downton Abbey’s Sir Anthony Strallan, 2011-2012,
  3. Timothy Dalton, The Living Daylights, 1986.


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