Robert Lindsay

  1. Tim Roth,  Rosencrantz & Guildensten Are Dead,  1990.    In the 1988 casting before Sean Connery fell out and the project was delayed.


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* The 1988 plan: Sean as The  Player King,  Lindsay as Rosencrantz… and  Tom Stoppard turning director with his own play. The 1990 reality: Richard Dreyfuss and Tim  Roth – helmed by Stoppard.





2. – Robbie Coltrane, Cracker, TV, 1993-1996.  Creator Jimmy McGovern described his abrasive, eccentric forensic psychologist (is  there any other kind?) as beinga wiry ex-Army  man with a sense of danger, “a John Cassavetes type.” Which didn’t match Lindsay or Coltrane. ITV was  worried that Coltrane was  best known comedies – exactly Lindsay’s direction in 2000-2011 for 118 editions of the BBC’s  My Family sitcom.

3. –    Paul McGann, Doctor Who  (The Movie), TV, 1996.    


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