Ross Hunter


  1. Lee Bowman, Tonight And Every Night, 1945.      Universal’s future ritzy, sob-sister producer had been signed by Columbia as a possible replacement for Glenn Ford, then lost his big chance due to delays caused by Rita Hayworth’s pregnancy. The boss, Harry (King) Cohn, was not upset: “Next to him,  Kim Novak was Sarah Bernhardt.    Da dumb guy had three  expressions:  blank, blanker, blankest.”
  2. John Lund, Duchess of Idaho, 1950.       A rare Joe Pasternak musical flop even with Eleanor Powell returning for a dazzling solo. An allergic reaction to the set put Ross out  of the film – and work – for a year. Instead of more  classics as A Guy, A Girl, A Pal, 1945, he became a drama teacher (!) and entered film-making by cutting costs on Universal quickies like Son Of Ali Baba… until producing all the old ladies in all the old soap schlock that millions were not allergic to.


 Usual occupation: ProducerBirth year: 1916Death year: 1996Other name: Casting Calls:  2