Sam Kelly


  1. David Troughton,Doctor Who #196: Midnight, TV,2008.     Break a leg, they say in showbiz, to wish someone luck. Bah!  Sam broke his and had to pass Professor Hobbs to David – son of Doc2 Patrick Troughton. Before joining the Royal Shakespeare Company, David joined planet Who during his father’s reign in #40: The Enemy of the World, 1967, #50: The War Games, 1969. He joined  Doc3 Jon Pertwee in #61: The Curse of Peladon, 1972, and Doc10 David Tennant for this #196. (David was the first Doctor’s child to net Whovian roles. Second was Georgia Moffett,daughter of Doc5 Peter Davison).

 Birth year: 1943Death year: 2014Other name: Casting Calls:  1