Sam Kinison


  1. Michael Keaton, Beetlejuice, 1987.     Director Tim Burton only ever wanted Sammy Davis Jr, a favorite star of his since childhood, for Betelgeuse. However, producer Jon Peters voted for another Sam – the controversial stand-up. Dudley Moore was also in the Beetle-mix. A two-week gig for just 17.5 minutes (mostly ad-libbed) out of the 92-minute movie – no wonder it was Keaton’s favorite movie.
  2. Ed O’Neill, Married With Children, 1987-1997.     Al and Peg Bundy were supposed to be Sam and Roseanne. The producers didn’t think O’Neill, from heavy stage drama, could be comic. His audition won them over. Before entering the Bundy’s front door, helet out a deep breath, slumped his shoulders… “as if going home was a defeat.”
  3. David Johansen, Scrooged, 1988.     The burly comic lost The Ghost of Christmas Past gig, when the film’s star, Bill Murray, made sure it went to his pal, from the 70s glam rockers, New York Dolls. Well, isn’t what friends are for?

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