Scilla Gabel

Gina Lollobrigida, La legge (US: The Law and Where the Hot Wind Blows!), Italy-France,  1958.    Carrol Baker, Brigitte Bardot   – Baby Doll  and Bébé! – and Sophia Loren’s double, Scilla Gabel – they all  passed on the  flirtatious virgin maid, Marietta, from Roger Vailland’s Goncourt Prize–winning novel. Frenchmen Pierre Brasseur and Yves Montand were in the lumpen mix but La Lollo only had thighs for Marcello  Mastroianni. Well, he was Italian, too. BB and MM made  the much better Vie privée (UK/US: A Very Private Affair) in 1961. 

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