Sharon Gurney

  1. Susan George, The Looking Glass War, 1969.    Battling to play Susan  – added to sex-up John Le Carré’s fourth book – were Susan, Sharon, Juliet Harmer.  Penelope Horner. The Lolita-esque Susan won; well, she look fine in her coal blackl undies and  her spy lover (a woefully miscast Christopher Jones) looked a teenager, himself. All that the ten-years-older Sharon had in common with sweet Sue  was her sex – and her initials.
  2. Pamela Franklin, Sinful Davey, 1968. Trouble with  John Huston directing the Scottish Tom Jones – the  real-life grave-robbing, maid-snatching, wife-stealing, jail-breaking, jewel-thieving smuggling pirate called Davey Haggart – was that he wanted his daughter as the female lead.  When  a test proved her wrong,  Huston capitulated, took scant  concern about  finding  a new Annie and later abandoned the film after his first cut. “Disastrous,” said producder Waslter Mirisch. “Unprofessional.”
  3. Prunella Ransome, Man in the Wilderness, 1971. To be the wife of Richard Harris in Richard C Serafian’s dull Western.




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