Shirley Eaton

  1. Diana  Rigg, The Avengers, TV, 19651968.      When Elizabeth Shepherd  didn’t work  out as Emma Peel in  The Town Of No Return,  Eaton  and Moira Redmond  tested. But so did Diana…  Eaton was to share Goldfinger   1964, with ex-Avenger Honor Blackman. 
  2. Ingrid Pitt, The Vampire Lovers, 1970.       Bizarre are the ways of movie moguls… Hammer chief James Carreras said Goldfinger’s Eaton was too old for Marcilla/Carmilla/Mircalla. He gave the roles to Pitt. She was also 33. The two women were born at opposite ends of 1937. Shirley was, therefore, eleven months older than Pitt.

 Birth year: Death year: Other name: Casting Calls:  2