Sidney Toler

  1. Charlie Ruggles, Ruggles of Red Gap, 1934.    Seems odd that Paramount would consider going ahead with a film called Ruggles of Red Gap – without… Charlie Ruggles. (Yes, of course, it was another Charlie –  Laughton –  actually playing Ruggles, the UK butler out West). But that’s what happened when Ruggles was delayed on The Pursuit of Happiness and Toler was contacte. Then, wham, bang, suddenly  (increased salary?), Ruggles was back and the suits could squeeze all possible publicity value  out of re-uniting Ruggles and Mary Boland from, The Night of June 13. They were typed as hen-pecked husband and socially ambitious wife in various 30s comedies. 

 Birth year: 1874Death year: 1947Other name: Casting Calls:  1