Silas Weir Mitchell


  1. Jeremy Ratchford, Cold Case, TV, 2003-2010.     Auditioned for LA cop Nick Vera which provided 156 epsiodes for Ratchford.  But as SWM once explained he usually plays outsiders. “That’s just the way it’s gone for me, and I think that’s fantastic. I like it because I’ve always been interested in how the other guy thinks. You see people on the street, talking to themselves, and you’re like: What are they talking about?”
  2. Robert Knepper, Prison Break, TV, 2005-2008.       Auditioned for T-Bag and was given Haywire instead. Knepper, a TV RFK,  was a surprise choice for the   thoroughly evil rapist-kidnapper-murderer Theodore T-Bag Bagwell,  during 69 episodes to eleven for Charles Haywire Patoshik. 

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