Sir Aubrey Smith

  1. Harry Davenport, That Forsyte Woman, 1949.   Hollywood’s beloved UK toff   (he  captained England v South Africa in an 1899 Test Match in Port Elizabeth and the Hollywood Cricket  Club),  was perfect  for Old Jolyon Forsyte before falling terminally ill at age 85.  His 112th and final film  was MGM’s Little Women earlier in ’48.  The BBC’s 1966 serial version (with Joseph O’Connor in the role) was heaps better, lacking one asset only.  Colour!   “Without doubt, Mr Davenport was one of the truly great supporting players of all time.” said Bette Davis in 1974. “Any of us were lucky when he was cast in  one of our films.” 


 Birth year: 1863Death year: 1948

Casting Calls:  1