Sonia Karlov

1. – Lina Basquette, The Godless Girl, 1929. Talent is only name deep…  She was just another blonde among hundreds. She dyed her hair black, adopted a Slav accent and said she was Russian.  Cecil B DeMille was impressed,  signed  her  for  his  52nd  film (her second)  and introduced her at a Press lunch as  “the  next great  star of the screen,  Sonia  Karlov!”  Ex-Ziegfeld Follies dancer  Lina  Basquette was among the guests.  Miffed at losing the film, she yelled: “She isn’t Sonia Karlov – her name is Jeanne Williams.  I knew her in the  Follies.”  Agent Paul Bern told CB to laugh it off –  “if you thought she was right for the role  before, why is she changed  now?” Ever-hypocritical, DeMille promptly sacked her and hired the whistleblower…  widow  of the first of the Warner brothers to die.


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