Stephen Chow

  1. Jay Chou, The Green Hornet, 2009.     In studio-speak,  “there was a mutual and amicable decision by both sides to move on.”  Once he bowed out of directing his first Hollywood gig in 2008, it was obvious that Chow wouldn’t hang around to  play a mere sidekick. Not that Chow saw Kato that way…. Indeed, our hero Seth Rogen said Chow quit when  Rogen trashed his idea of having  Kato  control the Hornet via a microchip implant. New helmer Michel Gondry selected the songwriter-singer-actor-filmmaker as the new Kato, once memorably played, on US TV, by Bruce Lee. His biopic, Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, 1992, had starred Jason Scott Lee… which is why he was also seen for Kato. 

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