Steve Austin


  1. Patrick Warburton, Scream 3, 1999.   Or Stone Cold Steve  Austin as he was revered  In the wrestling world was up for  Steven Stone. But so was Warburton. And he happened to be an actor. Makes all the difference. Even to the role of Parker Posey’s bodyguard.
  2. John Cena, The Marine, 2006.     One super-wrassler for another as the WCW’s Austin was replaced by the WWE’s Cena – in his first starring role.
  3. Vinnie Jones,  The Condemned, 2007.   Wrestlers of the world, unite!  The Stone Cold wrestler was offered the role later played by ex-Welsh international footballer. That all changed when the World Wrestling Entertainment took over the ridiculous project for its WWE Films – proving it knew more about wrassling than movies –  and Austin became  the star of the Death Row guys fighting each other on the worst reality TV  crap in  history. “Austin will never win an Oscar, ” said San Francisco critic Mick LaSalle, “but looks like the biggest, toughest man alive.”




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