Steven R McQueen


  1. Shaun Sipos, Melrose Place, TV, 2010.     After the Everwood series and the Piranha 3D movie, McQueen’s grandson – Chad’s 22-year-old son – had two offers. And wisely chose the right one.   The Melrose re-tread lasted mere 18 episodes while his Jeremy (“as messed up as possible”) in The Vampire Diaries lasted 44 chapters.
  2. Jai Courtney, A Good Day To Die Hard, 2012.      Justin Timberlake was first chosen for our hero John McClane’s son, Jack, in Live Free or Die Hard, 2006, aka Hard 4. Jack was axed and kept in the Fox fridge until Hard 5. By the time that was ready six years later, Timberlake was gone and the new candidates for McHero Jr were: Courtney,McQueen (the grandson), DJ Cotrona, James Badge Dale, Shiloh Fernandez, Ben Foster, Liam Hemsworth, Aaron Paul, Milo Ventimiglia, Paul Walker. .




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