Stuart Erwin


  1. Hobart Cavanaugh, Broadway Thru A Keyhole, 1932.        MGM called Erwin back in the first week of shooting to join a Metro film. This story by New York columnist Walter Winchell – punched out by Al Jolson on learning the movie   was about Jolson’s romance with his wife, Ruby Keeler, and tried to connect her with a gangster based on the recently murdered Larry Fay.

  2. Arthur Lake, Blondie, 1938.       Gloria Blondell (Joan’s younger sister, and  the first Mrs Cubby Broccoli), Shirley Deane and Una Merkel were all the mix for the comic-strip queen (still going strong since 1930). Hubby was nearly Erwin. Instead, it was Lake playing Dagwood Bumstead on film, radio and TV from 1938 to 1950 – the year that Erwin won his own Stu Erwin Show for five years

  3. James Gleason, My Gal Sal, 1941.        First  choice for Pat Howley but Gleason took the role in  the story of songwriter Paul Dresser.   It was said to be based on a book by his novelist brother, Theodore Dreiser. Except he never write such a tome. (Yes, their surnames are different).

  4. Will Rogers Jr, The Story of Will Rogers, 1952.         A 1936 Oscar nominee for one of his several slow-talkin’ hayseeds, Erwin was better suited than Warners’ other ideas: Bing Crosby, Joel McCrea, John Wayne(!).


 Birth year: 1903Death year: 1967Other name: Casting Calls:  4