Susan Lanier

  1. Suzanne Somers, Three’s Company, TV, 1976-1981.   Chrissy wasn’t Chrissy (Christmas Noelle Snow!) until the second pilot, when played by Lanier – later known as Suze Lanier-Bramlett and best remembered as Bambi on Welcome Back, Kotter. Somers stole the show, believed her own publicity, wanted more money and a piece of the pie. Her co-stars wouldn’t work with her (when she bothered to turn up). Having been through all this with Farrah Fawcett quitting after the first 1976 season of Charlie’s Angels, ABC sacked  the jiggle diva and, in a  lesson to many,  the show survived  another three years without her… or, indeed, any mention of her replacement was Priscilla Barnes –  during “the unhappiest years of my career.”

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