Susan Tyrrell

  1. Candy Clark, Fat City, 1972.      Candy won the lead role while testing for the second lead. Susan used to boast she had ambition of a slug. “I work when I need money – about once a year.” She continued making movies after having both legs amputated in 2000 due to a rare blood disease: essential thrombocythemia. Her mother summed up her career as a celebration of everything that is cheap and tawdry. “ I’ve always tried to live up to it.”
  2.  Gail Lawrence, Maniac, 1980.     Much of the budget for this mother of all slasher movies came from director William Lustig’s adult movie business. So did Sharon Mitchell (from Lustig’s Violation of Claudia, 1977) and Tyrell’s replacement, the excellent Gail Lawrence – better known in hardcore circles as Abigail Clayton. (She had partnered Gérard Derpardieu in Marco Ferreri’s Ciao maschio/Bye Bye Monkey in 1977

 Birth year: 1945Death year: Other name: 2012Casting Calls:  2