Suzanna Leigh


  1. Susannah York, The Sands of the Kalahari, 1965.      Went on to Hollywood for candyfloss with Tony Curtis and Elvis. Then, Hollywood sent her home, for the rest of her 15  nondescript movies.
  2. Dodie Marshall, Easy Come, Easy Go, 1966.   “Elvis’ kisses held an intensity that melted my very being.”  Suzanna, Presley’s UK blonde co-star in the previous year’s Paradise, H24th movie  The title came from a film that had already begun shooting with the surf rock duo, Jan & Dean, and immediately canceled after 14 people, including Jan Berry, were badly injured in a train crash sequence.  Easy was also something of trainwreck.

  3. Charlotte Rampling, The Long Duel, 1967.      Refused while still expecting Hollywood to call her back.


 Birth year: Death year: Other name: Casting Calls:  3