Suzanne Somers

  1. Farrah Fawcett, Charlie’s Angels, TV, 1976-1980.      Somers won Jill Munroe, one of Charlie’s dazzling trio of private-eyefuls. Then, she lost her… Fawcett was sued by ABC when she quit after the first season. Not unlike Somers’ history during ABC’s Three’s Company.
  2. Barrie Youngfellow, Nightmare in Blood, 1977.      She auditioned for Cindy, who is only at the Horrorcon to be in jeopardy. What else when the guest is vampiric star who proves to be (but you’ve guessed and left?) a real and ancient vampire and… you don’t really want to know anymore about Kerwin Matthews’s 34th film. He’s in the film within the film. An awful way to end a career.
  3. Nancy Allen, Dressed to Kill, 1979.   Producer Ray Stark  wanted Somers as the sassy callgirl, Liz Blake.  Director Brian De Palma, on the other hand, wanted his wife in the overblown thriller.  De Palma won.  (Never again).
  4. Jenilee Harrison, Three’s Company, TV, 1981-1984.  Bringing jigglevision back to ABC (after Charlie’s Angels), Somers’ ding-a-ling Chrissy (aka Christmas Noelle Snow!) stole the series from under the nose of the star, John Ritter. Trouble was she believed her own publicity, wanted more money and a piece of the pie. Her co-stars wouldn’t work with her (when she bothered to turn up). The diva was sacked in 1981 and, in a lesson to all, the show ran another three seasons without her… or, indeed, any mention of Chrissy.   Harrison was her first replacement as Chrissy’s first cousin, Cindy Snow for 42 chapters, followed by  the longer-lasting Priscilla Barnes – 70 shows, not as Chrissy, nor Cindy but Terri Aldeon “the unhappiest years of my career,” said Barnes.  Both Somers and Harrison wound up nude in Playboy. Jenilee’s 25 credits (up to 2002) included 70  episodes in 1984-1986  as Jamie Ewing,  the only Dallas character to be killed off… twice!

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